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Tips for winning blackjack

Blackjack is not merely a game of chance. In fact, skill and strategy are crucial in this casino game. Follow our simple tips for winning blackjack and be a success at blackjack table.

  • First of all, the player should apply an efficient basic blackjack strategy. If you memorize instructions in strategy charts for different hands and practice a lot (which is possible online, where you can play for free), you may be able to reduce house edge and eventually get significant advantage over the casino.
  • For winning blackjack you may also use a discreet and efficient card counting system. Compared to craps or roulette, blackjack is a dependent trial, which means that previous game results make effect on the future rounds. Card counters make use of this fact and keep record of cards removed from the game to define the possible moments of highest advantage over the house due to the removal of high and low cards while playing blackjack.
  • It is important to choose blackjack table with the most favorable rule variations. First of all, different tables offer different number of decks in play. It is better to choose single- or double-deck games as they offer lower house advantage. Some tables may have 6 to 5 payment for "natural blackjack", which is less favorable than 3 to 2 payout. It is also better to play at tables where the dealer is supposed to stand on "Soft 17" and hit on "stiff hands".
  • Blackjack money management systems help players to set the most optimal bankroll for the game. It is best to divide your entire bankroll into equal parts for each game session. One should never exceed his or her set bankroll, and it is better to leave when you get ahead of other players than to stay too long and lose the entire bankroll.
  • Another tip for winning blackjack is to vary the amount of your bets according to your results in the game process - increase your bets when you hit a winning streak and reduce them when you start to lose.

Online vs. land-based blackjack

No matter if you play blackjack online and at a land-based casino, the basics of blackjack remain the same. It is special opportunities offered by both modes of play that help player choose the best way to play blackjack.

Land-based blackjack offers more excitement and sensual impressions due to the very nature of a land mortar-&-brick casino. At the same time, it may prove quite an expensive experience, too, as casinos are mainly seen as luxurious sights for the rich. At a land casino you get a chance to choose the table with favorable rules. It also makes card counting possible, even though undesirable to the casino authorities.

Online blackjack is seen as a more convenient mode of playing blackjack. You can actually play it anywhere and anytime as long as you have Internet connection. It offers players significant advantage over the casino apart from beneficial offers like bonuses or opportunity to take part in online tournaments. Besides, if you are a beginner you can always try to play blackjack for free prior to playing for money.

Whatever way to play blackjack you choose, it is critical that you choose an appropriate basic strategy. If you play at random, winning blackjack may become impossible.