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Pros and cons of online and land blackjack

There may come a time when a player has to choose between playing blackjack in a land-based casino or online. One should remember that both variants of playing blackjack introduce the same blackjack basics, but offer different opportunities for players.

Land-based blackjack


  • The greatest advantage of playing blackjack in a real mortar-&-brick casino is the excitement it gives to the players. Nothing can possibly surpass the sensations live casino offers, its glamor and dazzle and the thrill it adds to the game process.
  • Playing blackjack at a land casino gives a player an opportunity to choose a table with the most favorable rules. Some tables may offer rule variations that significantly increase the house edge. For example, one should never choose tables where "natural blackjack" is paid out at 6 to 5 instead of the traditional 3 to 2 payment, or tables where the dealer is supposed to hit on "Soft 17".
  • It is possible to apply blackjack counting systems when you play blackjack at a live casino. Of course, most casinos will try to make sure that players do not count cards, but with an appropriate and discreet strategy you may be able to increase your odds and beat the house advantage.
  • Most casinos offer comps - special free services granted to the players. These may be either free meals or drinks or even free hotel rooms or tickets to shows.


  • A visit to a land-based casino usually is a rather expensive treat. Few can afford going to a casino every day, and even a single visit may be a full vacation that comes at a great cost.
  • Together with the exciting experience, blackjack at land-based casinos may prove to be a rather frightening experience, too. The quick pace of the game, the pressure of the dealer and fellow players, lots of sensual distractions make live blackjack a game for professional gamblers rather than novices.

Online blackjack

Even as online blackjack is based on the same principles as blackjack at a land casino, it offers a lot of favorable opportunities for the players being the reason for its tremendous popularity.

  • Basic game of online blackjack begins with a 0.5% house edge. The player using an appropriate basic blackjack strategy is able to gain significant mathematical advantage over the online casino. Players gain extra advantage due to the fact they can make a whole set of favorable decisions to play their hands, whereas the dealer acts like a robot sticking to the standard rules of a casino. Besides, your strategy chart is always available, which helps you apply perfect basic strategy.
  • Apart from the high advantage, online blackjack offers a few benefits for players - bonuses (like free games or "chips") or opportunity to take part in online blackjack tournaments.
  • Online blackjack is considered a perfect mode of play for beginners as it offers an opportunity to play for free before getting to playing for money.
  • Compared to land-based casinos, playing blackjack at online casinos is really convenient. You actually don't have to leave your seat or change your dress according to the casino dress code, but play online blackjack whenever and wherever you like.

Whatever you choose - playing blackjack online or at a land casino - you should follow the basic blackjack tips and apply perfect strategy if you wish to end up a winner.