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General Tips for Blackjack

There are many different forms of online blackjack, and it is important to understand the subtle differences between them and how these differences can affect your chances of winning along with how you should play in order to maximise these chances. Each different version will have a subtly different basic strategy, though there are often new options that really you should ignore, for instance taking insurance.

The problem is that most people might start out using basic strategy, but then decide that they might be able to do a little better if they started thinking out of the box rather than sticking to the rules; and yes it can be more fun to do so, but you should know the implications of doing so to your long term success at the game.

Let’s face it, you play online blackjack for fun; you don’t want to spend half your time looking up charts and tables, and you certainly don’t have either the time or the inclination to memorise all those basic strategies. You might just have gone to and clicked the first game you found. So, here is a shortcut for you. Just memorise the following and, although not as good as proper basic strategy, it will still give you a good chance of winning.

1)    Always hit if you hand adds up to between 3 and 11.

2)    If you have 12 to 16, then hit if the dealer has higher than 6, otherwise stand.

3)    Always stand on 17 to 20.

4)    When you have Ace and 7, hit if and only if the dealer has higher than 8; otherwise stand.

5)    Split all pairs with the exception of 4s, 5s and 10s.

6)    Never take insurance.

Those very simple guidelines are easy to remember and if you stick to them you won’t make too many really serious blunders.

If you want to just play your hunches, then that is fine too and you might get lucky, but once you stray too far from that well trodden path of basic strategy you are relying on the luck of the gods rather than your grey matter.