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Blackjack Tournament

Blackjack is one of the most popular and spectacular card games in the world and in history of card games. Same as with all popular games and sports (and we can consider blackjack as a kind of a sport, because it requires trained mind) it was the matter of time for the tournaments to be established. After they were first established they became very popular. Nowadays almost every casino holds blackjack tournaments. One of the most popular is PartyCasino.

Blackjack tournaments, have the same principals as all tournaments – there can be only one winner!

Blackjack tournaments can be held for several rounds depending on the number of competitors. At the beginning of the tournament all players have the same number of chips what makes them equal on the start. Only their skills will lead them to the final round and show who the best blackjack player is. In the end each round the player with the biggest stack of chips proceeds to the next round. In the final round the best players from all tables compete for the status of the best player of the blackjack tournament.

All players have to pay an entry fee for the blackjack tournament which will be the prize for the winner. The more the number of players and the bigger the entry fee – the bigger will be a prize! The prize for the tournament can be a sum ranging from couple hundreds to billions of dollars! In blackjack tournaments it is absolutely possible to change from poor to fabulously reach person in only one night by using only a power of a mind.

Rules of blackjack tournaments differ from a single play blackjack game. On the opposite from single play blackjack game, where players play against the house only, in blackjack tournaments the players play only against each other, in attempt to find the best blackjack player. At the same time not always one of the players becomes a winner – sometimes nobody wins.

Different opponent does not always mean different game strategy! In blackjack tournament the tactic of the game is almost the same as in the single play, with only exception that all players are equal and have equal rights. But at the same time knowing the rules of blackjack is not the same as to know how to play on blackjack tournament! Players have the same rights but not the same level and skills.

Blackjack tournaments are hard but winning blackjack in a big tournament will bring its winner fame and glory among other players.

There are 3 major and most popular televised blackjack tournaments: WSOB – The World Series of Blackjack, UBT – Ultimate Blackjack Tour and the King of Vegas.