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Rules of Blackjack Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs blackjack has basically the same rules as the standard blackjack with one significant difference: blackjack Perfect Pairs strategy offers a side bet that may win a jackpot or get a 30 to 1 payout.

Game process

The game of Blackjack Perfect Pairs goes as usual blackjack, except that the players make an additional up to $25 bet on perfect pairs. This bet means that the player presupposes his or her first two cards will make a pair. If the player's hand doesn't have a pair, the bet is lost. In case there is a pair, the player continues the game and eventually gets a payout at 5, 10 or 30 to 1, depending on the type of a pair. The dealer's face-up card has no effect on the players' odds for winning Blackjack Perfect Pairs bets.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs shares all the common blackjack basics. The goal of the game is still to reach the total hand value higher than that of the dealer's without exceeding 21. Otherwise the player goes bust. The cards are valued the same, and the player can make the whole set of decisions usual for the game of blackjack. If the player's first hand is composed of an Ace and any 10-valued card, it is "natural blackjack" paid at 3 to 2. In case the total hand value of either the layer or the dealer reaches 21, they will be paid even money.

Rule variations in Perfect Pairs

  • The dealer always stands on "Soft 17" (a combination of an Ace counted as 11 and a 6). This rule offers better blackjack probabilities to the players by reducing the house edge.
  • The player is allowed to re-split hands after splitting (except for the split Aces).
  • Only one more card can be drawn to the split Aces.
  • The player is able to double down on any first two cards.
  • It is not allowed to double down after splitting Aces.
  • The players are allowed to make blackjack insurance bets in case the dealer's face-up card is an Ace. In case the dealer has "blackjack" the players get a 2 to 1 payment for their insurance bets but lose their original bets. Otherwise the original bets are preserved, but insurance is lost.

Payouts for pairs

As it was mentioned above, Blackjack Perfect Pairs payouts depend on the specific type of the pair the player has:

  • Mixed Pair is made of two cards of different color (like a Jack of diamonds and a Jack of spades). The payout for a mixed Pair makes 5 to 1 (in some casinos 6 to 1).
  • Colored Pair is a pair of two cards of the same color but different suit, like a Jack of diamonds and a Jack of hearts. This pair brings a 10 to 1 (sometimes 12 to 1) payout.
  • Perfect Pair brings a jackpot. It is a pair of two cards of the same color and the same suit, for example, two Jacks of spades. The payout here will be 30 to 1 (although some casinos may offer a 25 to 1 payout).